2 Steps to Uncover YOUR AMAZON PROFIT Margin + Your Costs of Selling on Amazon


What is your Amazon profit margin? What are your exact costs of selling on Amazon?


In this video we cover Amazon reports such as the Amazon date range report so that you can establish your different Amazon fees for selling, your total Amazon cost of selling and ultimately your Amazon FBA profits. By reducing your monthly FBA revenue by all the costs such as Amazon FBA fees and Amazon shipping fees, you can establish your Amazon FBA monthly income.


You’ll be able to see the Amazon FBA payments you can expect and then discover your Amazon FBA profit margin. You’ll be able to examine your Amazon sales report and Amazon FBA income report to establish your Amazon seller profit to ensure you make a profit selling on Amazon.



00:00 – Intro
00:34 – Navigating to your Payment Reports
01:52 – Understanding your Payment Reports
04:55 – Work out your Return Rate Percentage
05:42 – Downloading the Payment Reports
06:11 – Navigating to your Date Range Report
06:38 – Understanding your Date Range Report
07:39 – Work out your Profit for the Month
08:56 – Breaking down Revenue
10:14 – Planning with the 3rds Rule
11:33 – How to use all of this in Product Research
12:08 – Thank you ?



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October 20, 2020
Costs, Profit Margin, Reports