Jay Rodgers.

Developer, Producer, Editor.

About Jay

Jay is the younger of the brothers. Formerly a designer & developer for a global tech giant, he decided to switch paths & take charge of the developmental portion of the Dan Rodgers brand. He likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Jay's Areas
Listing Image Creation100%
Rich Content Creation100%
Third Party Implementation90%
Purchases on Amazon100%
Money in Wallet1%
Video Production90%
Work/Life Balance80%
GymEither 0 or 100%
Music Production90%
Video Games80%
Arsenal (Football)100%

He has a Geforce RTX 3090.

Jay has worked with Dan on building his Amazon FBA listings since the beginning. He has controlled the creation, editing & optimization of Dan’s FBA listing images as well as rich content.

He doesn’t have nice comments from YouTube (like Dan does) to display here, but here are some of his favorite things:

Jay has over 10 years of production & editing experience exclusively. He is the lesser-serious one of the two and highly values his family & friends.


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